VOL 2 NO 1 (2014): ISSUE – MARCH

VOL 2 NO 1 (2014): ISSUE - MARCHAbout this issue:

This issue of Socrates has been divided into six sections:

The first Section of this issue, Art, Culture and Literature, contains scholarly articles from English language and Literature, Hindi literature and Persian literature. A serious question raising article of National and International importance has also been included in this section under the title, Safeguard the cultural Heritage of Ladakh.

The second section of this issue, American History, contains an article that investigates, why Lieutenant Colonel Custer met with defeat in order to take the Black Hills?

The third section of this issue, Media Studies, contains an article that aims to provide a theoretical framework of public television networks in western countries pointing to the pertaining relationships with their political systems.

The fourth section of this issue contains some of the best research papers from the scholarly disciplines of Commerce Management and Economics. The first research paper of this section empirically measures employee satisfaction in key areas.

The fifth section of this issue represents the scholarly disciplines of Law and Politics. The first article analyses the socio-political movement for the establishment of democracy in Nepal. The second article analyses the Industrial dispute act and its impact on the Industrial development in India.

The sixth section contains two general articles. The first article reflects the life of a great Sufi Saint Shah Kazim Qalander. The second article highlights the views of authors on various themes.

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