Benefits of Publishing with Socrates:


► Rapid publication

Manuscripts submitted to our research journal will receive a first decision in an average of 1-2 weeks, and under our Continuous Publication model, they can be fully cited from the moment they’re published.

► High editorial standards
Manuscripts receive rigorous and constructive peer-review overseen by experts in the field. The process of publication and review will never be compromised.

► Author care

  • Authors retain copyright to their own work and also benefit from publication of their research article.
  • Published Authors are provided with one copy of their published full issue without any fee; (Print copy if author is from India, E-Copy, if the author is from overseas)
  • Authors can also order print copies of their published issue through our e-journal/print journal website, and from Indian Journals website.

► High visibility and Global Connectivity
Published articles have wide international readership and are regularly covered in leading news outlets. Socrates is highly Indexed- You will find it on every directory of International repute. Socrates is connected with the centralized network of digital libraries of USA and UK.

Socrates is accessible worldwide, therefore, publishing in this journal enhances exposure, visibility, readability and reach of your paper at the global level. Also, when availability and visibility get enhanced, the number of citations will get automatically enhanced and in turn, the Impact of your paper will increase to a higher level.

Socrates Journal is committed to the widest possible dissemination of research outputs. Our policies are compliant with major funding bodies.