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A Kantian responds to Santayana

A Kantian responds to Santayana

Dr. Samuel J.M. Kahn


In this paper, I have argued that whatever might be said about his attack on other German philosophers, Santayana’s attack on Kant, despite its subtlety, its force and its intelligence, is fundamentally misguided. Teasing out where Santayana’s attack rests on misunderstandings of Kant’s philosophy is a useful exercise: it is useful for Kantians, for it gives us a chance to show Kant at his best; it is useful for Santayana scholars, for it reminds us that Santayana, for all his brilliance, was not infallible; and it is useful more generally, for the mistakes Santayana makes about Kant are, perhaps in part because of Santayana’s well-deservedly wide influence, still prevalent today. 


Kant; Santayana; The German Mind: a philosophical diagnosis; German philosophy

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More can and needs to be said here, but I cannot do so now.

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